Tuesday, July 24, 2007


UP FOR ADOPTION on Ebay tonight at 6:00 PDT

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ever since I purchased this wonderful book, "American Folk Dolls" by Wendy Lavitt, I have wanted to recreate the cover doll. She is a 30" antique Rag doll , made in the late 19th c. from New York. This is the only info given on this doll. I'd love to learn her history. The careful stitching of the face and the individual fingers are what "make" this doll so special to me. I've dressed her in antique baby clothing, consisting of dress, slip, wool stockings and high button shoes. I will probably darken and age her up a bit more and make her a kitty (like the one she is holding on the cover) or something else to hold. A very good and knowledgable friend of mine suggested that it was likely added later. Thanks Billie, for all your help and advice! If all works out as planned, she will be on Ebay next Tuesday. (fingers crossed) Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

All the better to hear you with my dear!

I just couldn't figure out why she was being so uncooperative!
"Excuse me Miss" she said one morning, "perhaps it is because I cannot read lips so very well?"
Ugh, I just cannot stand it when they are right!
Okay , so now I have corrected the problem by adding tiny little ears to my Milliner's Model and I hope she is quite content with them. She is much more obliging now when I ask her to stand up straight so that I may attend to her clothing and finishing touches! (I really should listen a bit more) ;-)
I will be listing her on Ebay on July 10. Thanks for visiting!