Friday, May 25, 2007

Lucky Me!!

See what my guys Paul, Nick & Eric bought me for Mothers Day? I know I know, but don't be jealous, you can have one too (or one of her adorable critters) & I would recommend highly that you do!!!
Pam of Kingfisherfarm (see her website on the left) made this amazing pinkeep and now it is all mine! An heirloom peice if ever there were one! I will cherish it always! Thankyou Pam for doing such beautiful artwork!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can you say "Rejuvinated"? !!!!

I'm back & had the most fabulously relaxing vacation ever! No computer for a week was definately challenging but well worth it! I recommend it to all. Sometimes we just need to spend quality time with the ones we love without alot of distractions. It was most liberating!

Feeling so rejuvinated, I decided to dust off a couple of projects that were on the back burner. The first , a cage doll. She is a labor of love. I may actually keep her as she and I have become very close!

I'd love to hear from other artists about peices they chose to keep for themselves! This was a first for me!

The next was intended to be listed in time for Mother's Day. Well that didn't happen obviously, lol. She still needs a baby & arms to hold it!! She is done in artist pencils. Such a loving expression she has on her downcast face.