Thursday, May 28, 2009

OOPs I did it again !!

Nope not the song, but my confession..... I was asked to make a special order for
an Itty Izzy and ended up with twins, lol ! Here's the one that was
rejected, poor thing. I sure hope someone will give her a good home.
She is up for adoption this evening on Ebay. Click here if ya wanna take
a looky see.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wooden Tuck comb Doll

Would have been finished yesterday, but she insisted I make her a poke bonnet!
Well with that finally done, here she is showing it off, lol. She will be listed tonight on Ebay. CLICK HERE To visit her Auction

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grodner Tal Doll -Work in Progress

UPDATE::: Just had to snap a quick pic of my pretty bouquet and little Grodner Tal with her newly attached limbs. Life is Good!
Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day!!!

I've finally gotten around at trying my hand on a "Grodner Tal" Doll. These dolls were carved completely out of wood in the early 19th century..... I cheated and started with a wooden finial and tweaked it a bit or alot, lol! Sure wish I had a lathe! I'm making mine with a "tuck-comb" hairstyle.
I'm carving her little legs and arms from clothes pins. Not sure how to attach yet?
Here's a picture of her so far.... (you can barely see the photo of an original in background).
I'll try to snap some pics of her arms/legs a little later, but right now my camera battery is charging.
Thanks for visiting!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend too!