Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Witch season?

Fall seems to be on many peoples minds, these hot summer days. Mine included.
At 90+ degrees with 100% humidity the relief would be welcome! So I whipped me up a little witch and her pet bat in the spirit of! She will be on ebay this evening.


Mica Garbarino said...

Just beautiful work!!! I soooo am in love with your work.


Lori said...

Wonderful!!! You know, I really don't like bats but I think I could fall in love with yours, it is very sweet!!!

BECKY said...

She is Awesome!. I love your Witch.

Dixie Redmond said...

I love the colors. She's beautiful, Nan.

Pea said...

I just saw these on ebay and they are stunning. Your faces are just beautiful!
Hope you get a ton for all that work.

Greeneyez2 said...

Wow, she's awesome! The bat just gave it that extra special something too.
me<---clapping hands :)

Cookie said...

gorgeous and totally atticbaby through and through!!

i love her, Nan - she is wonderful.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

You've been tagged by a "Nice Matters." You must go to my blog and retrieve the banner and then pass it on to at least 5 more
but no more than 7. Y'all are a sweetheart and I want everyone to know it!
I love...Your creations and your blog and YOU are always BEAUTIFUL!!
Hugs Sherrie

Cathy said...

I just watched both of your doll slideshows and wow! What an awesome talent you have! They are just beautiful!

Cathy (hazelruthe) :)

Cheryl said...

Oh I LOVE her!!!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh Nancy..your Witch and Bat gathering is wonderful...as usual! Love your work...you are so talented. :-) Susan

Annie said...

I aspire to have your talent!!! I LOVE her personality!! :)


Cathy Nash said...

Love this little witch and the bat! Your work is wonderful.
Best wishes---Cathy Nash