Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Princess Anne

Well guess who couldn't tolerate "Little Miss Red Riding Hood" getting all the attention this week!?

Yep, her Royal Pain, oops, I meant Royal Majesty.

She was putting up such a fuss, I decided to list her early.

If you happen to bump into her on ebay, please tell her how pretty she is....

it will make my life sooooo much more pleasant for about a minute. Click Here


Lori said...

well and no wonder she is a wee bit difficult Nancy, just look at how gorgeous she is!!! her bonnet and dress are so stunning!!!

Christine LeFever said...

I'm back from being bedridden for over a week, due to flu, and here you have more beauties! What a treat, Nancy. She IS beautiful, and inspiring.

Little Red is too!!!


Lone pierette said...

Nancy - she is just soooo wonderful !!!

Doll*Shoppe said...

Great dolls - keep up the good work!