Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cloth Queen Anne Doll

M y much simpler version of a Queen Anne and not quite so challenging to these old eyes of mine, LOL !!!
Can you see her tiny sampler?
Click here if you'd like to see her on Ebay


The French Bear said...

She is beautiful!!!! Is this one for sale?
I tried to buy one, I don't know how to bid properly!!!
I am so ebay challeneged!
Margaret B

Atticbabys said...

Hee hee , you are too adorable Margaret! Yep, she is on ebay and i will add the link to above, and if you click on the picture of her on the left it will also take you to Ebay!
Thanks for visiting!!!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Oh, she's absolutely stunning! As always, your dolls are simply amazing, you are so incredibly talented!

Mica said...

what a beauty!! This dolly is brilliant beyond words!The sampler is awesome..so tiny and sweetly detailed! Love, Mica

anniebeez said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this doll!!!!!I wish I could afford her cuz I know the bids are gonna go sky~high!! She is truly special!!!

Julie said...

From the MASTERS hands another DELICIOUS feast for the eyes!!!

Simpler my eye, just as challenging and she leaves me in want!!!
I just LOVE her Nan!!!

Christine LeFever said...

She is indeed a delicate little beauty, and I adore the wee sampler, particularly in that it is in a crisscross frame, for I love that style of frame and own many of them.

I shall trek on over to eBay and scout her out!


Old World Primitives said...

She is beautiful and so filled with great details! I love her little ringlets, necklace and the sampler she is holding.


Diane Costanza said...

I love the gown. The fabric looks very fine.

synnøve said...

She´s just gorgeous!!!!!!
Synnøve x

Marta said...

Lovely...just lovely! I'd love to own a couple of your dolls. But ebay is not my thing.
Still I love to visit here and enjoy looking at your lovely work!
Thank you for creating these wonderful ladies.

Тётя Трот said...

Nan, She is absolutely adorable!!! I love your dolls so much! :))