Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tsk Tsk, shame shame!

O ver a month since my last post!!!??? How did this happen? Just busy with life really. Went to Florida for part of it, which was so lovely and oh so relaxing! Now preparing to leave this Monday for Missouri to pick up my son. He just finished basic training at Fort Leonard Wood and is coming home for a couple of weeks, than off to Fort Hood!!!! I'm so excited to see him and could not be more proud.

(Here's me looking off our balcony - quite the view, yes?)

But I have not neglected my doll-making entirely. I've been wanting to create another "Alice in Wonderland" for some time now.... and with the movie just out (which i still have not seen btw), was the much needed inspiration.

When we get back on the 8th of May I hope to get her finished and listed on Ebay.

Sure hope ya'll are having a beautiful and productive spring!!!!!


The French Bear said...

Look at you, having such a nice relaxing time!!! Awesome! I love your Alice, she is beautiful!!!
Margaret B

OldeTimeDolls said...

OMG, you amaze me everytime with your wonderful dolls Nan, you are so very talented! Have a wonderful time with your son. hugs, Judi :)

The-Artful-Attic said...

Hi Nan!! It is so nice to relax..and what a view!! Hubby and I are going to Florida next January 1st for 6 weeks..we rented a house in the Keys.. I will be ready to go by then!

Best wishes to your son and big hugs to him. Hubby had 11 years in the Airforce.

Don't get me started on your new dollie!!!!! Devine...


Mica said...

oooh nice vacation... and the Alice dolly is gorgeous!!! You must see the movie. Bri and I went again last week...I can't wait to own it...Hugs...Mica

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Alice is absolutely beautiful, so serene and delicate! I love her.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Oh, isn't she beautiful! Enjoy your time away. :-)


Dolls from the Attic said...

Your Alice is enchanting! what a lovely pensive face. You difinitely have to see the movie. And what a beautiful view of the beach!...Glad you had this time to relax.
Best wishes

Christine LeFever said...

You must mean the view of those beautiful tan legs, yes? Fun for you to have had your nice shot of heat.

Your dolly is gorgeous, naturally. I've not yet seen the movie either. Something beautiful to look forward to.

I'm so happy for you to be able to see your boy again.



Doreen said...

Shes' just beautiful Nancy & so are you!

Beautiful view!

How wonderful your son is coming home!!! Enjoy your visit & you have every reason to be so very proud of him.

Hugs, Doreen

Wendy Wintersgill said...

Your work is absolutly divine!!!!I make mohairs I would love to link with you!!!If you wouldnt mind.Your version of Alice is so unique.Warmest reguards Wendy-Alice

The French Bear said...

So you do know the baby dress is yours....... for maybe a small fee....small as in something hand made....he he......
Say the word and it's yours!!!
Margaret B

Susie said...

A beautiful view and a beautiful of my favourite characters.
Have a wonderful time with your son,
Sue x

Julie said...

Hi Nancy,
You lucky lady!!! What a most WONDERFUL view!!! You look like you a are having a lovely time.
I am so happy for you!!! Your son is coming home!!! How wonderful and special that time will be for you. I bet it will hard to let him leave.

How WONDERFUL your Miss Alice is, she has the SWEETEST face and the most WONderful dress!!! She is a FEAST for the eyes. I just LOVE her NAN!!!
Have fun and we await for your return to the dolly world!!!!

PEA said...

I don't know what is [prettier. the view, the doll or you! WOW must be nice to have all three.
Congrats to you and your son! Thank him for us. We appreciate his service.
My eldest is in Germany for a few weeks doing his duty and loving every minute of it.
Have a safe trip, it will be such a wonderful time for you both. He will tell you so many things and you will see this wonderful man that has come to be who he was meant to. It is awesome.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

LOve your banner dollie, well ALL Your dollies!!!!!!!!!! Those hats are really boggle-ing me mind!!!!!! UGH!!!!!! How fun !! You look like you had some good down time on vaca!!!!!!! My oldest lives in Miami, hope to go there and visit soon! Never been past pan handle of texas myself!!!! Should be quit an experience!
Many Hugs,