Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mona Lisa Doll

I was inspired by an early image of a young lady from the 1800's ... To me, she resembled "Mona Lisa" or what she may have looked like as a child. Her eyes are haunting and just seem to grab the viewer! How about you? Does she remind you of anyone?

I just love looking through old photos of people and the clothing they wore in much simpler times.
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Are you curious about me? said...

Mona Lisa has eyes that will follow you, like the real Mona Lisa. She is lovely.

Julie said...

Nancy she is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! She perfect from the top of head to the bottom of her feet, and I am loving the bonnet!!!!

Pedrete said...

A mí personalmente no es que me recuerde mucho a Mona Lisa, pero de todos modos me parece una muñeca fascinante!! Tiene muchísima personalidad y una mirada inquietante!! Un saludo!!

PEA said...

adore! Stunning my dear, just stunning. I have seen the real thing in Paris and this looks very much like her.
Outstanding girl!

Doreen said...

Goodness..I would love to have a fraction of your talent my friend..she is are all your lovelies!!! Their faces are so full of expression :)

Wishing you a fantastic day!
Hugs, Doreen

Lisa said...

The most beautiful doll I have every seen. What talent you have!

PEA said...

you won my give away girl! Now send me your addy so you can get your goodie in the mail. I hope it will be a happy mail day.:)