Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Edward Tulane rabbit dolls by Atticbabys Coming SOON!

A couple of well dressed Edward Tulanes bidding a farewell to their good friend Anne. She is on her way to her new adopted home. The fellas are going to miss her but know she will be much loved. They too are looking for new homes and will be up for adoption right after Thanksgiving so keep a look out! Here is the link to my Ebay (click here) where they soon will be placed.

This little lady is currently waiting a new home. She is on Ebay NOW (click here)



Amber said...

Hello, will you be making any more Edward Tulane rabbit dolls? I adore these but couldn't find any posting for them on eBay. Thank you!

Atticbabys said...

Hello Amber!
I do not have an Edward available at the moment.
I create one every so often. He is a popular fella.
I have an email list for notices of when one
comes up for adoption. If you'd like, I will
put you on this list. Just let me know your email addy. You can email me directly at
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to added to the waiting list for Edward Tulane dolls, my son is in the 4th grade and had this story as an assignment. I was hoping to donate it to the 4th grade class teacher for future reading endeavors. Thank you.

Jen LaPittus said...

I'd love to know when you have another Edward available. I teach fourth grade and use this book in my lessons each year.