Friday, August 15, 2008

Eve's black sister

I wanted to create a sister for Eve,(see 2 posts prior to see a pic of her) so while browsing
through my folder of "faces" (faces I've compiled, find interesting and hope to draw or paint someday), I was inspired by this particular face and she happened to be black. Eve is thrilled to have a black sister!
Her hair is a touch unruly but I'm kinda liking it that way so it may just stay as is.
We need a name now... any ideas???
Thanks for stopping by!


Tracy said...

Nancy, she's a beautiful sister for Eve. You have such a wonderful gift for painting faces! What about the name Tess? Thanks for sharing her. I love to watch the progress of your dolls!

Atticbabys said...

I don't have your email or blog Tracy, so I shall THANKYOU here and hope you get it!
I like the name Tess too and shall ask the girls!
:-) Nan

Christine LeFever said...

Nan, darling, long time no to talk to! You've been busily making beauties, as ever, and I am so in love with all of them.

Eve's sister is splendid and her hair is wonderful! Perhaps her name would be Lark for she is as pretty as a lark, or Sophie, as she sort of looks like a Sophie. Whatever her name, she will always be as beautiful as ever.

Christine (Zwee!!!)

CARole said...

She is darling, Nan. I think you should name her Corine. Something about her reminds me of one of my favorite singers, Corine Bailey Rae.

Lone Pierette said...

Your dolls are always the best Nan , just adore her painting !
hugs Lone

Cathy said...

She's absolutely fabulous! As is all of your work.

Cathy :)

michelle sylvia said...

Nan! OMG! She is stunning, but then everything your hands create is! :0) I look at her and see her with the name of Shasta because she reminds me of a daisy for some reason. Absolutely stunning!


Anna said...

Wow...your dolls are fantastic, they faces are wonderful.

Jo James said...

You are one of the very bestest, Nan! And your latest addition is no exception. What a beauty!
I was wondering if I had a daughter named Eve what I would name another daughter. Something biblical for sure. Like Ruth, or Sarah.

Always love coming to visit you amazing creations!
Hugs- Joee

Peng Peng said...

Love the expression on this wonderful doll!! Cute ringlets too :O)