Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hold on to your hats!

Finally finished up a couple of lasses and wanted to share.

Remember the doll that couldn't decide on hair or not? Well she decided she
wanted hair, but in a lighter shade. She got her wish, and a lovely straw hat to top it off.
I've named her "Eve".
She is quite pleased with herself, can't you tell by that expression?
She will be listed this evening on Ebay.

And ya know I just had to make a couple more Itty Izannah Walker style dollies... These will be going up for adoption on my "Picture Trail" on Aug. 5 Click HERE if interested in purchasing one

I sure hope everyone is having as much fun in the sun this summer as I am!!
Thanks to a generous sister and Brother-in-Law who
own a condo at Lake Michingan. I am so blessed!


Becky said...

What amazing sweetness that comes from your finger tips.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ohhhh my!!! Eve took my breath away!! Nan, your hand are truly a gift from the Lord above. :> )
I love those wee Izzys too.

Rebecca said...


I just saw Eve on eBay & I have to tell you, she is one of the prettiest dolls I have ever seen! I love how pale & subtle she is. That dress & hat box is absolutely amazing. Wow! For a first time oil painting, you sure hit the nail on the head.

Just wanted to tell you how pretty this doll is! It is breathtaking!


maija said...

Eve... She is absolutely stunning!!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Nan - I just adore her ( and you )
hugs Lone

Heather said...

They are beyond lovely! I love little Eve sitting with her hat box. What a sweet little girl!

fiddlestixstudios said...

As always,they are all just amazing,Nancy!Your dollies are always so special!Lucky you,to have access to a condo on the lake!I bet you've had the best time this summer!

CARole said...

Hello Nan. I knew that you were not posting for a while but checked with you this morning and your back! Hi! As always, your new creations are fabulous! I just love those little Izzies!
Happy day!

Doreen said...

Eve is just beautiful. She came out just perfect. Your little Izzy's are fantastic as well.

Take care,

Kingfisher Farm said...

oh Nan she is lovely! And your Izzy's so sweet. Pam

Annie said...

When I look at your dolls, I first think that I know nothing of dollmaking.

And then, I sink into their faces, and daydream about a time that I happened upon them in weathered boxes in an attic. They are so beautiful, and have such spirit. I love each one. We'll see your creations on a movie some day...


Nina said...

I am covetous of your dollie on Ebay! She is so beautiful. I love what you ended up doing with her hair!


Outside the Box Primitives said...

Hi Nancy..Well since you are one of my favorite doll makers of all time, I have no idea why I haven't added you to my blog yet. Would you care to trade blogs? Gonna go add you now, hugs,robin

Julie Schuler said...

These are such lovely dolls! Are some of them paper mache?

Atticbabys said...


Atticbabys said...